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Our Family

Our business began many years ago with our ancestors being entrepreneurs in the trading business, mainly horse traders.  We attribute our present success mostly to Allen L. Hunt, who began a small family business in 1950 in Zachary, Louisiana.

Out of a 1500 square foot old grocery store building, Allen L. Hunt continued the family tradition of trading. He sold used furniture, some antiques, animals, hardware, vegetables, tractors, etc.  He soon gained a reputation and was known for being easy to deal with and having good merchandise at reasonable prices. We regret the loss of Mr. Allen L Hunt in January 1995 at the great age of 92.  We still operate today with his philosophy "Everybody needs a deal".

In 1971, Harry Hunt purchased the business from his uncle Allen.  Harry was raised in the business and gained most of his knowledge about trading from his uncle.  Harry continued to operate the business as his uncle had, but leaned more toward the antiques.  During the early 1970's, antique auctions became part of the scene for the Hunt family.

We are proud now to be moving into the third generation of our business.  Harry's sons all began working with their father at early ages - Hal Hunt at age 11, Rod Hunt at age 10, and Billy-Bob at age 5.  Harry and his three sons are skilled at the art of Auctioneering and continue the tradition today.

With over 40 years of experience and the many contacts made by Harry during his travels, Hunt Auctioneers, Inc. is able to offer one of the largest selections of antiques, collectibles, and fine home furnishings in the south.

Three Generations ~ Over 40 Years of Experience

In loving Memory ~ Harry Allen Hunt, Sr. [1943 - 2013]

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